A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


This is the first game I ever made.

It's a really short game which might evolve over time.

For now you are Ayumu, a boy who wakes up to find that his brother is gone.

Search the house and unlock the true ending.

The project might get either a sequel or might grow over time.
I wanted to test some things in the program and wanted to keep the game short and easy to play. Based on the feedback and experiences I will have buxfixes and perhaps addons.

As far as I know, there is no way to keep your savedata for updates, though seeing that it is playable in 5-15 minutes, there should be no need for this.

The game was made in RPG Maker MV.
Credits to:

Enterbrain, INC

Install instructions

The game is playable when you unrar/unzip it.

If there are any problems here, let me know.


Stuck At Home Windows.rar 121 MB
Stuck At Home Mac.rar 117 MB

Development log


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The Mac version won't run. Unraring it makes it come up shown up as damaged.